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Avalon Waterways - European River Cruises - Switzerland

Avalon Waterways 2017 World Collection
When you step onto Avalon European river cruises, your breath will be taken away by the magic that separates you from everyday life on dry land. You'll glide past imposing medieval castles, lush riverbank vineyards, and remarkable ancient wonders on your European river cruise. Every gentle bend of the river reveals another fascinating sight as your luxurious river cruise ship winds its way through scenic landscapes, delivering you right to where many of Europe's most celebrated cities were born

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CodeAvalon Waterways - Tour nameDaysRetail FromMap
WZF Christmastime in Alsace & Germany – Northbound
5 days from Zürich to Wiesbaden
5 Special Offer/Promotion $1,349.00
WFZ Christmastime in Alsace & Germany – Southbound
5 days from Frankfurt to Basel
5 Special Offer/Promotion $1,349.00
WZA Romantic Rhine – Northbound
8 days from Zürich to Amsterdam
8 Special Offer/Promotion $2,199.00
WAZ Romantic Rhine – Southbound
8 days from Amsterdam to Basel
8 Special Offer/Promotion $2,199.00
WNZ0 Christmastime From Prague to Basel – Cruise Only
10 days from Nuremberg to Basel
10 Special Offer/Promotion $2,899.00
WZN0 Christmastime Zürich to Prague - Cruise Only
10 days from Zürich to Nuremberg
10 Special Offer/Promotion $2,899.00
WZAE Romantic Rhine with Lucerne
10 days from Lucerne to Amsterdam
10 Special Offer/Promotion $3,095.00
WNZ Christmastime From Prague to Basel
12 days from Prague to Basel
12 Special Offer/Promotion $3,219.00
WZN Christmastime Zurich to Prague
12 days from Zurich to Prague
12 Special Offer/Promotion $3,219.00
WAZ1 Romantic Rhine with Zurich, Mount Pilatus & Lake Como – Southbound
12 days from Amsterdam to Lake Como
12 Special Offer/Promotion $3,521.00
WZRA The Rhine & Moselle - Northbound
13 days from Zürich to Amsterdam
13 Special Offer/Promotion $4,299.00
WARZ The Rhine & Moselle – Southbound
13 days from Amsterdam to Basel
13 Special Offer/Promotion $4,299.00
WZV The Upper Rhine to the City of Music
13 days from Zürich to Vienna
13 Special Offer/Promotion $4,399.00
WVZ Vienna on the Danube to Basel on the Rhine
13 days from Vienna to Basel
13 Special Offer/Promotion $4,499.00
WZA1 Romantic Rhine with Paris & London Extension – Northbound
14 days from Zürich to London
14 Special Offer/Promotion $4,176.00
WLA0 Rhine & Rhône Revealed – Cruise Only Northbound
15 days from Arles to Amsterdam
15 Special Offer/Promotion $5,548.00
WAL0 Rhine & Rhône Revealed - Cruise Only Southbound
15 days from Amsterdam to Arles
15 Special Offer/Promotion $5,398.00
WXVZ Grand Christmastime Cruise from Vienna to Basel
16 days from Vienna to Basel
16 Special Offer/Promotion $4,948.00
WLA Rhine & Rhône Revealed – Northbound
16 days from Côte d’Azur to Amsterdam
16 Special Offer/Promotion $5,808.00
WZA2 Romantic Rhine with Lucerne, Paris & London – Northbound
16 days from Lucerne to London
16 Special Offer/Promotion $5,072.00

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