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Anchorage,the northernmost major city in the United States, is Alaska's largest city and constitutes more than 40 percent of the state's total population. Only New York has a higher percentage of residents.  Most Globus tours will visit Anchorage after Denali National Park, then going on to Seward to board cruise ship for disembarking.

Globus Escorted Tours featuring Anchorage:

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CodeGlobus Journeys - Tour nameDescriptionDaysRetail FromMap
CK Nature's Best: Alaska 7 days from Fairbanks to Anchorage 7 $2,619.00
AI Alaska's Iditarod 8 days from Anchorage to Anchorage 8 $2,429.00
AJ Spectacular Alaska! 10 days from Anchorage to Anchorage 10 $3,449.00
AIQ Alaska's Iditarod with Fairbanks 11 days from Fairbanks to Anchorage 11 $3,499.00
CKI Nature's Best: Alaska with Alaska Cruise 13 days from Fairbanks to Vancouver 13 $3,179.00
CB Ultimate Alaska & the Yukon 13 days from Anchorage to Anchorage 13 $4,169.00
AJI Spectacular Alaska! with Alaska Cruise 16 days from Anchorage to Vancouver 16 $3,989.00
CBI Ultimate Alaska & the Yukon with Alaska Cruise 20 days from Anchorage to Vancouver 20 $5,089.00

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