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Monograms 3 Nights Amsterdam, 3 Nights Paris & 3 Nights London(DKE)

In Ocean’s 12, the characters played by George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Matt Damon hit Amsterdam to pull off a heist. We won’t spoil the movie and tell you if they did, but we can tell you that on this Monograms vacation to Amsterdam, Paris, & London, you may feel like you pulled off a heist. Why? Because we’ve made traveling here so easy, you may feel like you’ve pulled a “fast one.” The truth is, you let us handle the details and logistics for you. On this 10-day vacation, we’ve arranged your hotel reservations, daily breakfast, sightseeing, transportation between the cities, and transfers to/from the train stations. Plus, you’ll have a Local Host® in each city, someone who is there for you to answer questions, offer insights, and help ensure your vacation is everything you want it to be.

Your vacation begins the moment you arrive in Amsterdam, as we can pick you up from the airport and whisk you seamlessly to your hotel. Here, your Local Host will greet you with a welcome and materials to help you get settled. The next day, after included breakfast, we’ll pick you up at your hotel for guided sightseeing with a local expert that includes a cruise by glass-roof boat through Amsterdam's canals. There is no better way to see the houses built during Holland’s Golden Age, its fascinating houseboats, and famous bridges. We've also arranged for you to visit a diamond center to learn about how the gems played an important role in the city’s history, and the Rijksmuseum, where you’ll see masterpieces by Rembrandt and other Dutch masters. During your free day in Amsterdam, you'll have time to explore on your own (with the support of your Local Host, of course). You may want to visit the Van Gogh Museum, take a dinner cruise along the canals, or visit the Anne Frank House.

Then, its off via high-speed train to Paris. We've arranged for guided sightseeing with a local expert in Paris that includes the must-see attractions, such as the Arc de Triomphe. We’ll also take you to Notre Dame Cathedral, where you’ll see its amazing 13th-century, stained-glass windows. The Louvre is the world's most visited museum and houses some of the world's best treasures. We’ll take you to the Louvre, where you’ll see Da Vinci's Mona Lisa and other masterpieces. During your free day in Paris, you may want to take an excursion to the Palace of Versailles or to Monet's Giverny. Or maybe shop at the famous Galeries Lafayette, where we have included shopping discounts, or just relax at a café on the famous Champs-Elysées.

Next, you are off via the high-speed Eurostar train to London. You'll have the thrill of traveling through the Chunnel, an engineering marvel! In London, your exclusive sightseeing with a local expert includes London’s famous landmarks, such as Big Ben and Westminster Abbey, where Prince William and Kate Middleton were married. We’ll also take you to St. Paul's Cathedral with its iconic dome and long, fascinating history, before arriving in time for the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace. Your expert Local Guide will share insider stories that only locals know. During your leisure day in London, you may want to take an excursion to mysterious Stonehenge; shop at one of the famous department stores, such as Harrods or Selfridges; take in a West End show such as Mama Mia, Wicked, or Billy Elliot (your Local Host can get tickets for you); or grab an ale at a local pub.

And did we mention that sightseeing with Monograms includes VIP access to the attractions? This means that rather than being like all the other tourists waiting in line outside, you’ll be up close and personal with the attractions. Wouldn’t you rather be gazing at the Louvre's treasures and enjoying the Rijksmuseum’s masterpieces than wasting time waiting in line? At Monograms, our goal is to make your vacation as enjoyable and easy as possible. That’s why we’ve included VIP access and why we’ve arranged your transportation, transfers, guides, sightseeing, hotels, and breakfasts. Add the comfort of knowing you’ll have a Local Host in each city to translate for you, answer questions, and help you arrange activities, and you've got a dream vacation.

Monograms Journeys Promotions & Special Offers

  • May Wanderlist - London 25% off select 2019 Monograms vacations*
    Must be booked between 05/01/19 and 05/31/19 - for Travel Dates between 05/01/19 and 12/31/19
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Monograms Highlights & Sightseeing

Guided sightseeing; inside visits and special features are shown in UPPERCASE

Itinerary (2019)

 Welkom to the Dutch capital! Your Local Host will help you maximize your time in the city that has almost as many bikes as residents.
 Morning guided sightseeing includes a CRUISE on glass-enclosed boat through Amsterdam’s canals where you’ll glide past traditional gable-roofed homes, fascinating houseboats, and the Westerkerk (Western Church). Take photos of the Anne Frank House, Magere Brug (Skinny Bridge), and the Blauwbrug (Blue Bridge). Visit a DIAMOND CENTER and learn how these precious stones played such an important role in local history.
 During this day at leisure, your Local Host can offer suggestions for things to see and do—like a visit to the Van Gogh Museum.
 Travel by HIGH-SPEED THALYS TRAIN (first class) to Paris.
 Morning guided sightseeing includes a drive past the Latin Quarter, Les Invalides, Place de la Concorde, the Arc de Triomphe, and a stop to take photos of the Eiffel Tower from one of the best panoramic viewing points. Also admire the heart of the city from a different perspective on a SEINE RIVER CRUISE. Board your comfortable boat near the Eiffel Tower and spend a relaxing hour gliding by many of the city's important landmarks such as the L'Institut de France; magnificent Notre Dame Cathedral, Hôtel de Ville, the Conciergerie, famous Louvre Palace and museum; and much more.
 Your Local Host can help you plan your day in the “City of Light.” You may want visit the quirky Shakespeare & Company bookstore or find your favorite bridge spanning the Seine—there are thirty-seven to choose from!
 Travel by HIGH-SPEED EUROSTAR TRAIN (Standard class) to London.
 Morning guided sightseeing includes all of London’s famous landmarks. Drive past the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben; Westminster Abbey, where Prince William and Catherine, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, were married; Whitehall’s mounted horseguards; the Prime Minister’s Downing Street; Piccadilly Circus; and Buckingham Palace. Take photographs of the London Eye, the giant Ferris wheel situated on the riverbank, and the Shard, the tallest building in Western Europe. Visit ST. PAUL’S CATHEDRAL (except on Sundays). Sir Christopher Wren’s masterpiece with its world-famous dome is an iconic feature of London’s skyline, and the awe-inspiring interior holds fascinating stories about its history.
 Full day at leisure. Ask your Local Hosts for suggestions: sample the ultimate in British food and drink—fish & chips with a pint of bitter in a local pub, or try authentic English Afternoon Tea at one of the exclusive hotels.
 Your vacation ends with breakfast this morning.

Included Monograms Meals

Buffet breakfast daily

Monograms Pricing Details

Upgrade to Standard Premier on Eurostar Train Paris-London: $178

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06/23/2019 $2,567.00
06/24/2019 $2,556.00
06/25/2019 $2,536.00
06/26/2019 $2,548.00
06/27/2019 $2,559.00
06/28/2019 $2,540.00
06/29/2019 $2,517.00
06/30/2019 $2,494.00
07/01/2019 $2,502.00
07/02/2019 $2,502.00
07/03/2019 $2,525.00
07/04/2019 $2,548.00
07/05/2019 $2,540.00
07/06/2019 $2,517.00
07/07/2019 $2,494.00
07/08/2019 $2,502.00
07/09/2019 $2,502.00
07/10/2019 $2,525.00
07/11/2019 $2,548.00
07/12/2019 $2,540.00
07/13/2019 $2,509.00
07/14/2019 $2,479.00
07/15/2019 $2,479.00
07/16/2019 $2,479.00
07/17/2019 $2,502.00
07/18/2019 $2,525.00
07/19/2019 $2,525.00
07/20/2019 $2,502.00
07/21/2019 $2,479.00
07/22/2019 $2,479.00
07/23/2019 $2,479.00
07/24/2019 $2,502.00
07/25/2019 $2,525.00
07/30/2019 $2,479.00
07/31/2019 $2,502.00
08/01/2019 $2,525.00
08/02/2019 $2,525.00
08/03/2019 $2,502.00
08/04/2019 $2,479.00
08/05/2019 $2,479.00
08/06/2019 $2,479.00
08/07/2019 $2,502.00
08/08/2019 $2,525.00
08/09/2019 $2,525.00
08/10/2019 $2,502.00
08/11/2019 $2,479.00
08/12/2019 $2,479.00
08/13/2019 $2,479.00
08/14/2019 $2,509.00
08/15/2019 $2,540.00
08/16/2019 $2,540.00
08/17/2019 $2,517.00
08/18/2019 $2,494.00
08/19/2019 $2,502.00
08/20/2019 $2,502.00
08/21/2019 $2,525.00
08/22/2019 $2,548.00
08/23/2019 $2,540.00
08/24/2019 $2,517.00
08/25/2019 $2,648.00
08/26/2019 $2,813.00
08/27/2019 $2,971.00
08/28/2019 $2,999.00
08/29/2019 $3,022.00
08/30/2019 $3,009.00
08/31/2019 $2,859.00
09/01/2019 $2,690.00
09/02/2019 $2,561.00
09/03/2019 $2,547.00
09/04/2019 $2,594.00
09/05/2019 $2,636.00
09/06/2019 $2,643.00
09/07/2019 $2,615.00
09/08/2019 $2,567.00
09/09/2019 $2,648.00
09/10/2019 $2,799.00
09/11/2019 $2,968.00
09/12/2019 $3,045.00
09/13/2019 $3,040.00
09/14/2019 $3,035.00
09/15/2019 $2,866.00
09/16/2019 $2,706.00
09/17/2019 $2,547.00
09/18/2019 $2,594.00
09/19/2019 $2,636.00
09/20/2019 $2,643.00
09/21/2019 $2,615.00
09/22/2019 $2,567.00
09/23/2019 $2,561.00
09/24/2019 $2,547.00
09/25/2019 $2,594.00
09/26/2019 $2,636.00
09/27/2019 $2,643.00
09/28/2019 $2,615.00
09/29/2019 $2,567.00
09/30/2019 $2,561.00
10/01/2019 $2,547.00
10/02/2019 $2,594.00
10/03/2019 $2,636.00
10/04/2019 $2,643.00
10/05/2019 $2,615.00
10/06/2019 $2,567.00
10/07/2019 $2,561.00
10/08/2019 $2,547.00
10/09/2019 $2,594.00
10/10/2019 $2,636.00
10/11/2019 $2,627.00
10/12/2019 $2,661.00
10/13/2019 $2,675.00
10/14/2019 $2,745.00
10/15/2019 $2,654.00
10/16/2019 $2,602.00
10/17/2019 $2,567.00
10/18/2019 $2,604.00
10/19/2019 $2,592.00
10/20/2019 $2,544.00
10/21/2019 $2,507.00
10/22/2019 $2,500.00
10/23/2019 $2,525.00
10/24/2019 $2,534.00
10/25/2019 $2,544.00
10/26/2019 $2,504.00
10/27/2019 $2,462.00
10/28/2019 $2,420.00
10/29/2019 $2,408.00
10/31/2019 $2,477.00
11/01/2019 $2,489.00
11/02/2019 $2,550.00
11/03/2019 $2,593.00
11/04/2019 $2,658.00
11/05/2019 $2,639.00
11/06/2019 $2,597.00
11/07/2019 $2,554.00
11/08/2019 $2,489.00
11/09/2019 $2,466.00
11/10/2019 $2,424.00
11/11/2019 $2,404.00
11/12/2019 $2,385.00
11/13/2019 $2,427.00
11/14/2019 $2,470.00
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