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Discover Norway on a Trafalgar award-winning tour

From warring invaders to warm invitations

Learn the stories of both past and present-day Norway. Join Trafalgar on a visit to the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo, where you can admire the awe-inspiring vessels of more than a millennium ago. These ships are nearly 25 metres long, built for trade, religious purposes and, of course, war. And spend time on a farm in Bergen, where you’ll be greeted by the owners and introduced to the animals. Learn how farming has evolved since the time the farmstead was established by the Vikings. And enjoy a traditional meal of sour cream porridge, salty dried pork and lamb.

CodeTour NameDatesDaysRetailMap
SBON Best of Norway Summer 2019
Country Explorer: Norway
Jun 2019 to
Aug 2019
9 $3,450.00
SCFA Scenic Scandinavia and its Fjords Summer 2019
Regional Explorer: Denmark, Norway, Sweden
Apr 2019 to
Sep 2019
14 $4,350.00
SCNO Nordic Adventure Summer 2019
Regional Explorer: Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland
Apr 2019 to
Aug 2019
19 $5,295.00

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