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Globus Introduction to Ireland(GR)

7 days from Dublin to Dublin 
Like a classic Irish coffee made with hot java, Irish whiskey, brown sugar, and fresh whipped cream, this introductory tour of Ireland blends the most stimulating sights, soothing scenery, and sweet accents of the Emerald Isle. Journeying on a loop from Dublin to the west coast and back, first-time visitors will be awakened by the revelry of the lively capital city, jolted by the dramatic scenery along the storied coast, and calmed by the verdant rolling hills throughout the lush green countryside. Don’t be surprised if you’re suddenly inspired to craft limericks as you try your hand at baking scones on an Irish sheep farm in Galway. With authentic local experiences and visits to the sights you’ve always dreamed of—including the stunning Cliffs of Moher, the spectacular Ring of Kerry, and the famous House of Waterford Crystal—this tour of Ireland is the perfect break from the daily grind.

Itinerary (2024)

 Céad mile fáilte—a hundred-thousand welcomes! At 3pm, meet your Tour Director and travel companions for an afternoon orientation drive to see O’Connell Street, Georgian squares, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and Trinity College. (D)

CITY SIGHTS “In Dublin’s fair city where girls are so pretty,” you’ll also find great personality and charm. The charisma of Dubliners and the bounty of pubs here is matched only by the gorgeous Georgian Squares, 12th-century St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and the legendary library of Trinity College.
 Stallions, Saints & Stones KILDARE Visit the Irish National Stud.
CASHEL See the Rock of Cashel, where St. Patrick preached.
LIMERICK Orientation drive includes St. Mary’s Cathedral, King John’s Castle, and the Treaty Stone. Free time this evening. (B)
165 mi / 266 km

CULTURE & TRADITION The Irish National Stud is home to the long tradition of Ireland’s love of horses. This horsebreeding facility in County Kildare, considered the beating heart of Ireland's thoroughbred industry, continues to inspire all who visit. Hear about some of the world’s most magnificent champion stallions that have made racing history since the turn of the 20th century.
 Sheep, Scones & Seacliffs CLARE COAST Visit the Cliffs of Moher and the rocky plateau of The Burren above the Atlantic coast.
GALWAY Free time.
RATHBAUN [LF] Try your hand at scone baking, learn about sheep herding, and enjoy coffee and scones at an Irish farm.
122 mi / 198 km (B)

LOCAL TASTES Someone’s in the kitchen in Rathbaun Farm, just outside of Galway. You can don an apron and whip up your own delicious home-made scones, served with fresh preserves and whipped cream. Learn about the long-time tradition of sheep farming in this beautiful Irish landscape.
 Beauties of Counties Kerry & Clare ENNIS Take a short drive via Clonderlaw Bay to Killimer; cross the Shannon estuary by ferry.
RING OF KERRY Panoramic drive around part of Ireland’s southwestern peninsula.
KILLARNEY Free time the remainder of the day. (B,D)
174 mi / 281 km

NATURAL WONDERS Explore the emerald tapestries of green fields and ocean views that make other coastlines green with envy. The Ring of Kerry begins and ends in Killarney, taking you on a trip along the southwest coast of Ireland. Discover a paradise of panoramic cliffs, lush landscapes, and breathtaking beaches of the Iveragh Peninsula.
 Fine Crystal & The Gift of Gab Drive across the Kerry Mountains and through County Cork.
BLARNEY Visit the village known for its magical Kissing Stone.
WATERFORD Guided tour of the House of Waterford Crystal. Dinner followed by [LF] an Irish coffee demonstration. (B,D)
131 mi / 210 km

LOCAL TASTES It’s crystal clear why we get a warm feeling in Waterford with traditional Irish Coffee – as much a warm welcome now as it was for stranded travelers in 1943. It was a wintry night in Limerick when Foynes Port chef Joe Sheridan concocted this soothing elixir of hot coffee, Irish whiskey, sugar, and whipped cream to make their cancelled flight a little more palatable. Raise a toddy glass of Caife Gaelach with a hearty “slainte!”
 MOUNTAIN LOUGHS & MEDIEVAL MONKS GLENDALOUGH Stop at the early Christian monastic site founded by St. Kevin in the 6th century.
DUBLIN Free time this afternoon. (B)
122 mi / 196 km

HISTORIC SPOT In Wicklow Mountains National Park, wander around the medieval monastic settlement of Glendalough and see its 6th century houses, churches, stone cross and the impressive Round Tower in the beautiful ‘valley of the two lakes.
 Safe travels until we meet again! Your vacation ends with breakfast this morning. (B)

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10/12/2025 $1,899.00
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