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Monograms Tours Africa

Africa - a land of breathtaking scenery, magnificent wildlife, distinct cultures, and fascinating cities! Observe herds of elephant as they thunder across the savannah grasslands, admire a pride of lions lounging in the sun, and witness the free spirit of the birds flying overhead. Monograms takes you to the areas where all of this is possible—Serengeti National Park in TANZANIA, Maasai Mara National Reserve in KENYA, Private game reserves near Kruger National Park in SOUTH AFRICA, Chobe National Park in BOTSWANA, Etosha National Park in NAMIBIA, plus many more. Keep your eyes out for lion, cheetah, Nile crocodile, giraffe, zebra, leopard, elephant, rhino, gazelle, hyena, Cape buffalo, wildebeest, hippo, and much more - not to mention mention hundreds of bird species. Monograms also takes you to Africa’s exciting cities—JOHANNESBURG and CAPE TOWN—as well as its coastal towns—SWAKOPMUND and ZANZIBAR. Don’t forget about VICTORIA FALLS, the world’s largest falls.

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