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Avalon Waterways - Seine River Cruises

The Seine rises just northwest of Dijon and flows in northwesterly through Paris before emptying into the English Channel at Le Havre. It's one of Europe's great historic rivers and since the early Middle Ages has been considered the river of Paris.

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CodeAvalon Waterways - Tour nameDaysRetail FromMap
WPP Paris to Normandy
8 days Paris to Paris
8 Special Offer/Promotion $2,899.00
WPP1 Paris to Normandy with 3 Nights in London
11 days Paris to London
11 Special Offer/Promotion $3,685.00
WPPE Paris to Normandy with Mont St. Michel, Loire Valley & Journeys Club Celebration
11 days from Paris to Paris
11 $0.00
WZA2 Romantic Rhine with 2 Nights in Lucerne, 2 Nights in Paris & 2 Nights in London (Northbound)
14 days Lucerne to London
14 Special Offer/Promotion $5,378.00
WZA1 Romantic Rhine with 3 Nights in Paris & 3 Nights in London (Northbound)
14 days Basel to London
14 Special Offer/Promotion $4,762.00
WLP0 Grand France – Cruise Only Northbound
15 days Arles to Paris
15 Special Offer/Promotion $6,098.00
WPL0 Grand France - Cruise Only Southbound
15 days Paris to Arles
15 Special Offer/Promotion $6,148.00
WLP Grand France (Northbound)
15 days Port-Saint-Louis to Paris
15 Special Offer/Promotion $6,198.00
WPL Grand France (Southbound)
15 days Paris to Port-Saint-Louis
15 Special Offer/Promotion $6,298.00
XGE1 Paris to Normandy with Britain Sampler
16 days from Paris to London
16 $0.00
WLP1 Grand France with 1 Night in Marseille & 3 Nights in London (Northbound)
19 days Marseille to London
19 Special Offer/Promotion $7,174.00
WPL1 Grand France with 2 Nights in Aix-en-Provence & 2 Nights in Nice (Southbound)
19 days Paris to Nice
19 Special Offer/Promotion $7,429.00
WPL2 Grand France with 2 Nights in Nice & 3 Nights in Barcelona (Southbound)
20 days Paris to Barcelona
20 Special Offer/Promotion $7,356.00

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