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CIE Tours is celebrating 84 years of travel excellence! During this time CIE Tours International has provided travelers with the highest quality vacations to Ireland and Britain and CIE Tours continue to improve their tours and their services.
CIE's coach tours are fully inclusive with no optional extras to purchase at your destination. You pay one price and CIE Tours insist that ther tour directors focus solely on your enjoyment. Once your have paid your tour deposit, your tour land price is guaranteed.

What makes CIE Tours unique?

With CIE Tours all the little extras are included

Sightseeing Visits

CIE Tours includes a variety of attractions on every tour for an interesting travel experience. Check each tour itinerary to see exactly which places are featured. Admission costs are included in the tour price so that you don’t waste time paying as you enter each attraction.

Guaranteed Departures & Prices

As the lowest airfares are non-refundable, CIE Tours guarantee most of our land tour departures – see our website, where they are updated daily. CIE Tours guarantee land tour costs will not increase, once you have paid your tour deposit, to protect you against international currency fluctuations. When you have paid for your airfare in full, there will be no change in the cost of the ticket.

Group Airport Transfers

As a newcomer to an airport, it’s great to have someone meet you. CIE Tours include complimentary group transfers on the starting and ending date of tours at times specified on each itinerary, whether CIE Tours book your flights or you handle your own. If you arrive or depart later than our tour dates, you may purchase a transfer from CIE.

Travel Protection Plan

CIE Tours has a special travel protection plan to safeguard your vacation costs if you have to cancel or change plans before departure and provide comprehensive protection against delays, illness and baggage loss while you are away. The CIE insurance plan includes a great trip cancellation waiver benefit, so you may cancel for any reason up until 3 days prior to departure. CIE Tours and strongly advises you to take this coverage.

Travel Documents

CIE Tours will supply coach tour clients with airline e-tickets, tour vouchers, maps, ticket wallets, destination information, rain poncho, carry-on backpack, phone cards, VAT tax card, luggage tags and a strap.

Leisure & Spa Facilities

Most of the hotels CIE Tours use offer wonderful leisure facilities and spas. When you travel on a coach tour, you will have some free time most days and may like to enjoy some relaxation and spa serenity! So be sure to pack a swimsuit and workout clothes.

History & Geography

People who choose to travel in Ireland and Britain usually have an interest in the long history of the region and, as you tour around, you will visit a lot of ancient cities, churches and castles. All of CIE tour directors are well trained in the background information of the places and incorporate this history into their narratives in a manner that is fun and easy to digest. Similarly the CIE Tour guides are able to give you facts on the geography of the regions you travel through, giving you an insight into climate, farming, weather and other topics.

Coach Touring & Sightseeing

Some people think that on a coach tour, all you do is sit on the coach all day. Not true with CIE Tours! CIE Tours have created balanced and varied days of sightseeing with plenty of stops for taking photos, shopping, lunch, snacks and bathrooms. You never travel for longer than two hours without getting off the coach.

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