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Globus Greek Island Hopper(RM)

10 days from Athens to Athens 
Blue skies—nothin’ but blue skies. Oh, and blue roofs, blue windows, and the bluest sea you will ever see. “Blue” days simply take on a different meaning in the sunny Cyclades. Here, witnessing the striking contrast of whitewashed walls cascading toward the deep azure sea stirs feelings of pure joy. On this tour of Athens and the Greek Isles, you will explore the ancient city of gold, silver, and bronze before setting sail for the iconic blue and white islands of Santorini and Mykonos. Three nights on each allows for guided sightseeing plus plenty of time to enjoy the scenery—and the scene—as you please. Enjoy Santorini’s picture-perfect vistas, and join the “who’s who” of celebrities, yachties, and foodies indulging in the extraordinary beaches, chic boutiques, waterfront cafes, and heart-pumping nightlife of magical Mykonos.

Itinerary (2024)

 Welcome to Athens! At 6 pm, meet your Globus Host and traveling companions for a welcome drink.
 Marvels & Myths ATHENS Guided sightseeing includes a visit to the Acropolis and a stop at the Panathenaic Stadium. Free time this afternoon and evening. (B)

HISTORIC SPOTS Explore the heart of Ancient Greece, in the historic empire where 5th-century BC landmarks, including the Acropolis, never fail to amaze! See the Panathenaic Stadium on of the venues of the first modern Olympic Games.
 Sweet Luck PIRAEUS Take a scenic ferry crossing to Mykonos.
MYKONOS Walking tour includes the Church of Agia Kiriaki and [LF] an Amygdalota (traditional Mykonos dessert) tasting. Dinner with regional. (B,D)

LOCAL TASTES Traditional Greek Amygdalota cookies are often served at weddings as a gesture of new beginnings, prosperity, and good luck. It’s our good fortune and happiness to share this delicious sweet almond confection with you on the magical island of Mykonos.
 Mediterranean Magic MYKONOS Enjoy a day at leisure. (B)

EXPLORE MORE with an optional excursion from Mykonos to discover the ancient treasures of the nearby island of Delos. Knowns as the birthplace of the immortals in Greek mythology, this island is the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis– rendering it sacred- that no mortal is permitted to be born, live, or die here, the island and its magnificent archaeological site may only be visited.
 Aegean Gem MYKONOS Enjoy a free day on Mykonos. (B)

CULTURAL GEMS Your dreams of the Greek Islands come true with free time in Mykonos. This Aegean paradise of pristine waters and beaches, mixed with a lively nightlife scene is only made brighter by the iconic 16th-century windmills that dot the hillside above.
 Sun, Sand & Sea MYKONOS High-speed express ferry to Santorini.
SANTORINI Free time to explore (B,D)

Hop on a ferry and cross the sparkling blue waters to the iconic island of Santorini. After a dinner of traditional specialties head to one of the island’s viewpoints to catch the breathtaking beauty of a Santorini sunset.
 Sights & Sips SANTORINI Walking tour includes a picture stop at the cathedral and a [LF] glass of ouzo. Free time this afternoon and evening. (B)

LOCAL TASTES Ouzo and Greek culture are perhaps linked more closely than any other beverage on the islands. The signature liquorice taste of this iconic aperitif is actually derived from anise herbs and remnants of winemaking grapes. It’s wise to sip slowly when visiting any of the many ouzeries (ouzo bars) in Greece!
 Bright & Beautiful SANTORINI Spend a free day exploring. (B)

PICTURE PERFECT There’s lots of ways to spend your day in Santorini. Explore the Bronze Age. settlement of Akrotiri, meander the charming streets browsing the shops or laze on one of the island’s idyllic beaches. All of this and much more awaits you on the spectacular island of Santorini.
 Aloft to Athens SANTORINI Fly to Athens.
ATHENS Enjoy free time in Athens this afternoon and evening. (B)

EXPLORE MORE with countless ways to enjoy free time in the birthplace of democracy, arts, science, and the philosophy of western civilization! Explore the urban landscapes and lively restaurants in this historic capital and enjoy the sunny slopes of this iconic city. Stroll in the shadow of the Acropolis in the village atmosphere of Plaka. Walk along the narrow cobblestone streets to browse jewelry stores and ceramics shops, then linger in a sidewalk café or taverna to celebrate your Greek adventure.
 Safe travels until we meet again! Your vacation ends with breakfast this morning. (B)

Included Globus Meals

Welcome drink in Athens; full buffet breakfast daily; 2 three-course dinners

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Guaranteed Departure 04/27/2024 $2,887.00
Guaranteed Departure 05/04/2024 $2,827.00
Guaranteed Departure 05/23/2024 $3,027.00
Guaranteed Departure 05/25/2024 $3,027.00
Guaranteed Departure 06/05/2024 $3,127.00
Guaranteed Departure 06/08/2024 $3,127.00
Guaranteed Departure 06/19/2024 $3,207.00
Guaranteed Departure 06/26/2024 $3,247.00
Guaranteed Departure 06/29/2024 $3,227.00
Guaranteed Departure 07/03/2024 $3,227.00
Guaranteed Departure 07/06/2024 $3,227.00
Guaranteed Departure 07/10/2024 $3,257.00
07/13/2024 $3,427.00
Guaranteed Departure 07/17/2024 $3,427.00
Guaranteed Departure 07/20/2024 $3,427.00
08/07/2024 $3,427.00
Guaranteed Departure 08/21/2024 $3,387.00
Guaranteed Departure 08/24/2024 $3,327.00
Guaranteed Departure 08/28/2024 $3,207.00
04/26/2025 $3,197.00
04/30/2025 $3,077.00
05/03/2025 $3,127.00
05/07/2025 $3,127.00
05/10/2025 $3,347.00
05/14/2025 $3,277.00
05/17/2025 $3,347.00
05/21/2025 $3,347.00
05/24/2025 $3,347.00
05/28/2025 $3,397.00
05/31/2025 $3,407.00
06/04/2025 $3,457.00
06/07/2025 $3,457.00
06/11/2025 $3,457.00
06/14/2025 $3,457.00
06/18/2025 $3,547.00
06/21/2025 $3,547.00
06/25/2025 $3,597.00
06/28/2025 $3,567.00
07/02/2025 $3,567.00
07/05/2025 $3,567.00
07/09/2025 $3,607.00
07/12/2025 $3,787.00
07/16/2025 $3,787.00
07/19/2025 $3,787.00
08/06/2025 $3,787.00
08/20/2025 $3,747.00
08/23/2025 $3,677.00
08/27/2025 $3,547.00
08/30/2025 $3,647.00
09/03/2025 $3,567.00
09/06/2025 $3,567.00
09/13/2025 $3,517.00
09/17/2025 $3,517.00
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