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Italy, in south-central Europe, borders France, Switzerland, Austria, and Slovenia  to the north.  The independent states of Vatican City and San Marino lie entirely within the boundaries of Italy. Rome, the capital city, was teh center of Western Civilization for centuries. Excavations in Italy show a Neanderthal presence back to the Paleolithic period 200,000 years ago. It has seen Greeks, Romans, and Germanic tribes influence its civilization. World War II had a profound effect on Italy. The Apennine Mountains together with the Alps form the northern boundary and the backbone of Italy. Mont Blance, the highest peak; Po, the longest river; Garda, Maggiore, Como, Trasimeno, and Bolsena Rivers are all there. Etna, Stromboli, and Vesuvius volcanoes are in Italy. Major metropolitian cities are: L'Aquila, Bani, Potenza, Catanzaro, Naples, Bologna, Trieste, Rome, Genoa, Milan, and Turin. Several of the finest works in Western architecture, the Colosseum, the Milan Cathedral, Florence cathedral, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and buildings in Venice are all attractions in Italy. It was home to notable artists: Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Donatello, Botticelli, Fra Angelico, Tintoretto, Caravaggio, Bernini, Titian and Raphael. Composers, Scarlatti, Corelli, Vivaldi, Paganini, Rossini, Verdi, Puccini, as well as modern Berio and Nono were significant in Italy's music. Notable scientific minds included: Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo Galilei, Enric Fermi, Alessandro Volta, Marcello Malpighi, Lazzaro Spallanzani, Camillo Golgi, and Guglielmo Marconi. Italy is a must for a Globus tour.

Globus Escorted Tours featuring Italy:

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CodeGlobus Journeys - Tour nameDescriptionDaysRetail FromMap
KIAX Italian Escape 7 Day Tour from Rome to Venice 7 $1,319.00
KIJX Sicilian Escape 7 Day Tour from Palermo to Taormina Riviera 7 $879.00
LR Italian Vista 8 days from Rome to Milan 8 $1,999.00
KHAX Swiss Escape 8 Day Tour from Zurich to Lugano 8 $1,199.00
FH The Alps Out Loud: Switzerland & Lake Como By Design 8 days from Zurich to Lake Como 8 $2,599.00
ZG The Best of Switzerland 8 days from Zürich to Zürich 8 $2,699.00
FI Veni, Vidi, Vici: Umbria & Tuscany By Design 8 days from Ostia to Ostia 8 $2,369.00
HF Essential Europe 9 days from Rome to Paris 9 $3,299.00
KEFX European Escape 9 Day Tour from Rome to Paris 9 $1,649.00
HG European Highlights 9 days from London to Rome 9 $2,789.00
LN Hidden Treasures of Southern Italy 9 days from Naples to Sorrento 9 $1,999.00
LS Italian Tapestry 9 days from Venice to Sorrento 9 $2,859.00
LJ Italy's Great Cities 9 days from Rome to Rome 9 $2,529.00
KINX Southern Italy Escape 9 Day Tour from Sorrento to Naples 9 $1,199.00
KEGX European Escape with London 10 Day Tour from Rome to London 10 $1,869.00
TV Grand Catholic Italy - Faith-Based Travel 10 Day Tour from Rome to Padua 10 $3,099.00
LV Northern Italy's Highlights & Cinque Terre 10 days from Milan to Milan 10 $2,859.00
LP The Sicilian 10 days from Palermo to Taormina Riviera 10 $2,299.00
HFT Essential Europe with London 11 days from Rome to London 11 $3,899.00
LK Italian Treasures 11 days from Rome to Rome 11 $3,099.00
LB The Best of Italy 11 days from Rome to Rome 11 $3,449.00
FIE Veni, Vidi, Vici: Umbria & Tuscany By Design, PLUS Rome 11 days from Ostia to Rome 11 $3,204.00
ZGO The Best of Switzerland with Oberammergau - Faith-Based Travel 12 Day Tour from Zurich to Munich 12 $4,939.00
TVO Grand Catholic Italy with Oberammergau - Faith-Based Travel 13 Day Tour from Rome to Munich 13 $3,999.00
LI Italian Mosaic 13 days from Rome to Rome 13 $3,819.00
HA European Tapestry 14 days from Amsterdam to Paris 14 $3,889.00
LM Highlights of Sicily & Southern Italy 14 days from Rome to Palermo 14 $3,099.00
HAT European Tapestry with London 16 days from Amsterdam to London 16 $4,469.00

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