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Avoiding the worse effects of Jetlag on the Insight Tour

Plan for your trip in advance and make sure you are relaxed and well rested for your tour. Don’t rundown and fly there because there will be a higher chance you will get sick and will spend the beginning of your trip trying to recover.

Reset your watch when you get on the plane change your time to the local time of the place you are traveling to. Try to stay up longer or go to sleep earlier to get your body onto the new time schedule of your upcoming tour.

When you arrive at the first city of your tour, make every attempt to stay awake until early evening. Try not to sleep otherwise you won’t be able to sleep the first night. If you are absolutely exhausted then have a nap of about an hour as soon as you arrive however set an alarm or call and get a wake up call from the front desk. Try to stay active it is the best way to stay awake on the first day of your tour. The adrenalin of being on an exciting Escorted tour should help keep you awake that first day.

Security and Safety on an Insight Tour

While exploring on your own, inform someone else on the tour where you are going and use your common sense where you choose to wonder of to don’t go down poorly lit or narrow alleyways.

During your free time, make sure you don’t leave the hotel without your room key. It should have the address and phone number on it. If your hotel room key does not have that information you should write it down.

Where possible use the hotel safe for your money and valuables.

Beware of pickpockets in Europe, listen your tour guide when they remind you. That more than likely means your in an area where pick pocketing often occurs.

While on your Insight Tour, do not leave your bags or belongings unattended at any time.

A money belt worn under your clothing is the best place to carry money and other valuables. Your money belt should be unseen under your clothes and should not be regularly used during the day. Things you should put in your money belt are: Passport, Spare Credit or Debit card; Cash and Travelers Checks.

Other Travel Tips for your Insight Tour

Ensure you have money budgeted for your entire tour, including money for shopping, extra meals and optional excursions while on your escorted tour.

Learn some useful local phrases - your Insight tour director will be able to converse in the languages of the places you visit but learning a few phrases on your own are usually appreciated by locals and will make your escorted tour much more enjoyable.

Prepare a travel journal: a travel journal is a great way of keeping the memories of your escorted tour alive for years to come. Find a journal that is easy to carry along with you and take a plastic sleeve to keep mementoes such as ticket stubs and photos.

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