Trafalgar Tours - Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be traveling with a reliable company?

For 65 years Trafalgar has grown to become one of the most trusted and successful guided vacation companies throughout the world. From Europe to the United States, and South America to the South Pacific, they pride themselves on uncovering the hidden gems, cultural highlights and not-to-be-missed attractions of the places you visit. On a Trafalgar vacation you can be sure that every detail is taken care of - from their fleet of luxury coaches to Trafalgar's expert Travel Directors, who will give you an insider's perspective on every destination to create a memorable vacation experience you simply could not have your own.

Will I be traveling with people from other countries?

The beauty of taking a guided vacation with us is you will have the opportunity to meet and travel with people from all over the world. By traveling with an international company, you'll forge friendships with people from countries as diverse as Canada, Europe, New Zealand, South Africa, Singapore, Australia and the United Kingdom.

How many people are on a Trafalgar vacation with me?

On Trafalgar guided vacations you will find an average of between 40 and 45 guests on First Class and CostSaver itineraries throughout Europe. There will be a maximum of 52 guests on Trafalgar trips throughout the United States and Canada.

Will I have time on my own?

Trafalgar designs each itinerary with the perfect balance of planned activities and personal time to explore. Trafalgar escorted vacations also give you the opportunity to personalize your trip with a range of Optional Excursions at competitive rates, which allow you to choose how you spend some of your time. You might choose to enjoy some of the best seats in the house at the world-famous Moulin Rouge in Paris. Or maybe take a magical early-morning balloon ride over the Napa Valley – the choice is yours.

If you're after extra time for independent sightseeing, our At Leisure range of guided vacations offer a more relaxed pace with an average of two or three nights stay in each location. Enjoy late starts and spend more time exploring with the option to experience each destination as you wish. Read more about our popular At Leisure vacations.

Will the coach be modern and comfortable?

No matter where you travel with Trafalgar, you'll always relax in comfort and safety on board their modern coaches. They pride ourselves on having the finest fleet of fuel-efficient, fully air-conditioned coaches all with reclining seats and an onboard restroom for your convenience. The high vantage point from your coach’s window means you can take in all the glorious scenery whether it’s in a vast rural landscape or an urban city center, no matter what destinations you visit on your guided vacation.

Are the hotels air-conditioned?

Trafalgar selects their hotels for their quality, impeccable service and comfort, with the majority of them having air conditioning. Few hotels in the northern Alps of Europe have air conditioning due to the colder climate, however you will find all the Trafalgar escorted tour selected hotels maintain comfortable temperatures and a range of amenities.

What are the Travel Directors like?

Trafalgar's Travel Directors come from a variety of backgrounds and include former teachers, historians and lecturers who all share a passion for travel. These experienced professionals show you what the guidebooks can't – a true insider's perspective on each destination. They have had extensive training and have at least five years' experience behind them.

Your Travel Director creates a travel experience you simply cannot have on your own. With their diverse range of talents, they will act as your personal concierge to make your vacation seamless and hassle-free, plus they'll spark an atmosphere of fun for the whole group. This makes them the best of the world's elite travel professionals.

What is the difference between Trafalgar's First Class and CostSaver itineraries?

First Class vacations feature the full insider experience such as Be My Guest dining and Local Specialties with First Class accommodations. CostSaver itineraries include value-for-money accommodations and selected insider experiences such as Hidden Treasures sightseeing, along with First Class touches such as Trafalgar's expert Travel Directors and luxury coaches.

What is the difference between "visit", "view" and "see" in the itineraries?

To assist you in browsing the Trafalgar trips online or within their brochures, here are some common terms used throughout Trafalgar escorted vacations itineraries:

  1. Visit - The coach will stop and you will visit a specific site. The entrance fee is included in the guided vacation.
  2. View - A brief stop and view a site from the outside. This is a great opportunity for you to take photos.
  3. See - The coach will drive by the site so that you can see it.
  4. Sightseeing tour - A Local Guide or Expert will accompany you on a tour of the town, city or site.
  5. Orientation tour - Places of interest will be identified, allowing you to then explore independently.
  6. 'Why not see' or 'perhaps enjoy' - These phrases refer to Optional Excursions not included in the guided vacation package, but are available from your Travel Director at a competitive and affordable price.
  7. Time to explore and discover – You will have free time on your own for independent sightseeing and discovering the city or town on your own.
  8. A day to relax – There are no planned activities, giving you time for Optional Excursions, independent sightseeing or simply relaxing and taking in the destination.

What is the Travel Protection Plan?

The Travel Protection Plan is the most effective tool to give you total peace of mind. For an affordable rate, based on the price of your trip, should you choose to cancel your guided vacation for any reason, prior to departure from the United States, Trafalgar will refund your deposit and/or guided vacation payment. The Travel Protection Plan must be paid with the deposit and cannot be added at any later date. Full Travel Protection Plan details and conditions are found within each Trafalgar brochure, or view here. Prices are subject to change without notice.

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