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Avalon Waterways Romantic Rhine (Southbound) (WAZ)

8 Day River Cruise Amsterdam to Basel 
One of Europe’s most legendary rivers takes you across Germany and touches in Holland, France, and Switzerland! This magnificent Rhine River cruise begins in the ever popular, modern city of Amsterdam, Holland. Cruise on its famous canals along the elegant grachten--the best way to see the treasures of this 700-year-old city dating back to the “Golden Age.” Visit Cologne, Germany—a 2,000 year-old city known for its Gothic-style architecture—and see its famous twin-spired cathedral and Old Town with many shops, cafés, and taverns.

Sail through the dramatic Rhine Gorge—offering the most beautiful view of the Rhine River where ancient castles stand on cliffs 400 feet above the water. Cruise to the charming wine town of Rüdesheim and visit the unique Siegfried’s Mechanical Musical Instrument Museum. Continue your Rhine River cruise to Mainz for a guided walk and visit to the captivating Gutenberg Museum, or take an excursion to Heidelberg to visit the ruins of its red-walled castle. In Strasbourg, France, marvel at the red-sandstone Gothic-style cathedral with ancient murals and fascinating astronomical clock. Also, stroll through the lovely La Petite France district with its quaint shops, delightful bistros, and peaceful waterfront promenade. Stop in Breisach, Germany, the gateway to Germany’s Black Forest. Here, find unrivaled natural beauty in the area best known for Black Forest ham, cherry cake, and the cuckoo clock.

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Avalon Waterways Promotions & Special Offers

  • Single supplement waived on the cruise portion of select 2022 Avalon Waterways Europe river cruises.*
    Promotion Depatures (Land): 06/18/22, 07/02/22, 07/23/22, 07/30/22, 08/02/22, 04/10/22, 10/02/22, 10/16/22, 08/06/22, 08/13/22, 08/16/22, 08/20/22, 09/27/22, 10/01/22, 10/11/22, 10/15/22, 10/22/22, 10/25/22, 12/03/22
  • Single supplement waived on the cruise portion of select 2023 Avalon Waterways Europe river cruises.*
    Promotion Depatures (Land): 03/25/23, 03/28/23, 04/08/23, 04/11/23, 04/22/23, 04/25/23, 05/06/23, 05/13/23, 05/20/23, 05/23/23, 05/27/23, 06/03/23, 06/06/23, 06/10/23, 06/17/23, 06/24/23, 07/01/23, 07/04/23, 07/08/23, 07/15/23, 07/22/23, 07/29/23, 08/03/23, 08/05/23, 08/12/23, 08/15/23, 08/19/23, 08/26/23, 08/29/23, 09/02/23, 09/09/23, 09/16/23, 09/23/23, 09/26/23, 09/30/23, 10/07/23, 10/10/23, 10/14/23, 10/24/23, 10/28/23, 12/08/23
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Avalon Highlights & Sightseeing

Day 1 Amsterdam (Embarkation): Onboard welcome reception

Day 2 Amsterdam: Canal cruise

Day 3 Cologne: Choice of Cologne highlights walking tour, or Jewish Heritage walking tour or bike with your Adventure Host

Day 4 Rhine Gorge-Rüdesheim: Scenic cruise through the Rhine Gorge; visit Siegfried's Mechanical Musical Instrument Museum in Rüdesheim or hike in the vineyards with your Adventure Host

Day 5 Mainz. Excursion to Heidelberg: Choice of guided walk in Mainz with a visit to the Gutenberg Museum-or a guided tour of Heidelberg Castle, see the Great Vat, or a hike up Philosophers' Way

Day 6 Strasbourg: Choice of guided sightseeing, visit the La Petite France district and the Gothic cathedral or bike with your Adventure Host

Day 7 Breisach: Choice of excursion to Black Forest, or visit to a local winery in Breisach

Day 8 Basel (Disembarkation): Your cruise ends this morning

Special Interest Departures

12/03/2022 - Festive Time on the Romantic Rhine (Southbound)
12/08/2023 - Festive Time on the Romantic Rhine (Southbound)

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Itinerary (2023)

 Welcome to Holland. Your Suite Ship® is Ready for Boarding.

Flights into Amsterdam must arrive by 3:30 pm.

Guests must be on board ship by 5 pm.

Your day in Amsterdam is free to explore at your leisure.

During tulip season, you may take a Guided Optional Excursion to Keukenhof gardens—with more than seven million tulips, daffodils and hyacinths, as well as other bulbs, planted each year.

Outside of tulip season, join a Guided Optional Excursion to Zaanse Schans to see historic windmills and charming Dutch houses.


 Canals of Colorful Amsterdam

Join your Adventure Host for today’s special activities.

CLASSIC Explore the iconic waterways of Amsterdam on a Guided Canal Cruise past stately homes of Amsterdam’s “Golden Age."

This afternoon choose among the Guided Optional Excursions available or take some free time to explore Amsterdam’s colorful streets and canal houses, galleries, and shops.


 Prost! Celebrate in the Rhineland

ACTIVE Enjoy a bike ride like the locals in Cologne with your Adventure Host, OR:

DISCOVERY Choose a Guided Walking Tour of Cologne’s important Jewish heritage sites, OR:

CLASSIC Take a Guided City Walk of Cologne—with its soaring twin-steepled gothic cathedral.

Spend free time over a glass of Kölsch pale lager—locally brewed for over 100 years!

Later, local musicians will join us on board for live entertainment.


 Eat, Drink, and Be Merry in Wine Country

Sail through the Rhine Gorge to Rüdesheim and past the legendary rock of the Lorelei—where the siren of mythology sang songs to lure ill-fated sailors.

ACTIVE Enjoy a hike with your Avalon Adventure Host through the picturesque vineyards of Rüdesheim, OR:

DISCOVERY Take a Guided Tour of the incredible Mechanical Music Museum for a one-of-a-kind instrumental experience; based on your departure enjoy a local special treat.

Enjoy live entertainment on board your ship this evening.


 Printing Halls, Castle Walls, and the World’s Biggest Wine Barrel

ACTIVE Join your Avalon Adventure Host for a Hike up Philosophers’ Way for an inspiring view of the city below, OR:

CLASSIC Enjoy a Guided City Walk, including a visit to the Gutenberg Museum to see the captivating history of printing, OR:

CLASSIC Enjoy a Guided Tour to Heidelberg Castle to see the ruins of the magnificent renaissance treasure towering above the city, and its famed Great Vat, the “World’s Largest Wine Barrel.”


 A Grand Cathedral and La Petite France

Ask about today’s energizing or relaxing Adventure Host activities.

ACTIVE Discover Strasbourg by bike with your Adventure Host, OR:

CLASSIC Join a City Sightseeing Tour, including Strasbourg’s Gothic, stained-glass cathedral with its celebrated ancient murals and astronomical clock, as well as the magical La Petite France District.

Choose a Guided Optional Excursion to the historic Maginot Line—the pre-WWII fortifications designed to protect the eastern border of France, or visit Alsace’s wine country today.

Alternatively, take some free time in Strasbourg to visit a museum, or stroll across the city center.


 German Winemaking and the Beautiful Black Forest

DISCOVERY Join a full-day Guided Tour to the magical Black Forest to experience the Vogtsbauernohf open-air-museum, visit an authentic water mill, and see a traditional butter-making demonstration, OR:

DISCOVERY Visit to a local winery in Breisach, where you will learn about German winemaking and enjoy a wine tasting.

You may choose to join a Guided Optional Excursion to visit the charming village of Colmar in the morning, with half-timbered medieval and early renaissance buildings.


 Your cruise ends with breakfast this morning.

Flights should not leave Zürich airport before 10 am or Basel airport before 8 am.


Avalon Pricing Details

Gateway city for departures is Zürich.

Port charges:

Gratuities to Local Guides & Excursion Drivers are included.

Avalon offers the opportunity for solo travelers to sail with no single supplement (subject to availability).

Please call for single accommodation details and prices. Triples not available.

Avalon Notes

  • In the event of technical or water level issues, it may be necessary to operate the itinerary by motorcoach or alter the program, including hotel overnight when necessary.
  • Guided Tours, Optional Excursions, activities, sailing and docking schedules may be contingent on weather conditions or other issues outside of our control and could therefore be subject to change at any time.
  • Please check visa requirements with your local consulate(s); responsibility for obtaining visas rests with the traveler.

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*09/13/2022 $3,899.00
*09/17/2022 $3,899.00
*09/18/2022 $3,899.00
*09/24/2022 $3,899.00
*09/27/2022 Special Offer/Promotion $3,899.00
*10/01/2022 Special Offer/Promotion $3,849.00
*10/02/2022 Special Offer/Promotion $3,849.00
*10/08/2022 $3,699.00
*10/11/2022 Special Offer/Promotion $3,699.00
*10/15/2022 Special Offer/Promotion $3,599.00
*10/16/2022 Special Offer/Promotion $3,499.00
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*10/25/2022 Special Offer/Promotion $3,399.00
*12/03/2022 Special Offer/Promotion $3,149.00
03/25/2023 Special Offer/Promotion $2,799.00
03/28/2023 Special Offer/Promotion $2,899.00
04/08/2023 Special Offer/Promotion $3,049.00
04/22/2023 Special Offer/Promotion $3,299.00
04/25/2023 Special Offer/Promotion $3,299.00
05/06/2023 Special Offer/Promotion $3,499.00
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05/20/2023 Special Offer/Promotion $3,599.00
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06/03/2023 Special Offer/Promotion $3,599.00
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06/10/2023 Special Offer/Promotion $3,599.00
06/17/2023 Special Offer/Promotion $3,599.00
06/24/2023 Special Offer/Promotion $3,599.00
07/01/2023 Special Offer/Promotion $3,599.00
07/04/2023 Special Offer/Promotion $3,599.00
07/08/2023 Special Offer/Promotion $3,599.00
07/15/2023 Special Offer/Promotion $3,599.00
07/18/2023 $3,599.00
07/29/2023 Special Offer/Promotion $3,599.00
08/03/2023 Special Offer/Promotion $3,599.00
08/05/2023 Special Offer/Promotion $3,599.00
08/15/2023 Special Offer/Promotion $3,599.00
08/19/2023 Special Offer/Promotion $3,599.00
08/26/2023 Special Offer/Promotion $3,599.00
08/29/2023 Special Offer/Promotion $3,599.00
09/02/2023 Special Offer/Promotion $3,899.00
09/16/2023 Special Offer/Promotion $3,899.00
09/23/2023 Special Offer/Promotion $3,899.00
09/26/2023 Special Offer/Promotion $3,899.00
09/30/2023 Special Offer/Promotion $3,899.00
10/07/2023 Special Offer/Promotion $3,699.00
10/10/2023 Special Offer/Promotion $3,699.00
10/14/2023 Special Offer/Promotion $3,599.00
10/24/2023 Special Offer/Promotion $3,399.00
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*12/08/2023 Special Offer/Promotion $3,149.00
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