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Trafalgar - Best of Italy (04/2024 - 10/2024) (ITBOZN19)

13 Days From Rome to Rome
Tour Style: Country Explorer
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Visits: Italy, Vatican City

Discover the Best of Italy, from the ancient treasures of Rome to Renaissance Florence and everything in between. Imagine staying overnight in a renovated Franciscan monastery in Assisi, lapping up the chic lifestyle on Capri, and taking a private guided visit to Pompeii to see a Roman city frozen in time.
Choice Highlights

Must-see Highlights
  • : VIP Admission to the Vatican Museums
  • : Explore Rome, Pompeii, Capri, Assisi and Florence with a Local Specialist
  • : Discover Venice, Milan and San Gimignano
  • : Visit St. Peter's Basilica, the Sistine Chapel and the Colosseum in Rome, the excavations at Pompeii, the Basilica of St. Francis in Assisi, a glassblowing factory in Venice, Lake Como and the Florence American Cemetery and Memorial
  • : View Juliet's Balcony in Verona, St. Mark's Basilica in Venice, the Cathedral and La Scala Opera House in Milan, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Duomo in Florence
  • : See the ancient sites of Rome and the Abbey in Monte Cassino
  • : Scenic Cruise to the Isle of Capri and by private launch to St. Mark's Square in Venice

Iconic Experience
  • Rome: During an orientation with your Travel Director see the medieval buildings, Renaissance palaces and Baroque churches scattered throughout the city.
  • Vatican: Visit Vatican City and tour St. Peter's Basilica with a Local Specialist. Witness the early genius of Michelangelo as you take in the Pietà.
  • Rome: Visit the Colosseum, still echoing with the thronging crowds and ghostly cries of gladiatorial combat.
  • Pompeii: Walk with a Local Specialist through the cobbled streets of this ill-fated town, frozen in time since the 1st century.
  • Capri: Join a Local Specialist on a walk through elegant Capri to gain insight into the island's local culture and historic landmarks.
  • Monte Cassino: View the abbey on Monte Cassino, founded by Saint Benedict in 529.
  • Assisi: With a Local Specialist, find out why the Basilica of St. Francis is considered to be one of the crowning artisitic achievements of 13th-century Europe.
  • Modena: Travel through the lush landscape of Emilia-Romagna, past hilltop towns and agricultural lands.
  • Verona: During an exploration of Verona, see the well-preserved Roman Arena and Juliet's balcony in the courtyard of a Renaissance villa.
  • Venice: Discover Venice with a Local Specialist. The construction of this fascinating city started in the 5th century after the fall of the Roman Empire. Also known as “The City of Canals”, Venice is one of Italy’s most picturesque and intriguing destinations, with a beautiful surprise around every corner.
  • Milan: See Milan's central highlights on an orientation tour with your Travel Director.
  • Como: Take in exquisite views of the lake and its alpine backdrop as you enjoy an orientation of this magnificent town.
  • Pisa: During an orientation, your Travel Director will show you the baptistery, cathedral and the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa.
  • Florence: Join a Local Specialist to view the multi-coloured marble cathedral, bell tower and baptistery, adorned by Ghiberti's Gates of Paradise. Visit the political heart of the city, Signoria Square.
  • Florence: See the area around Santa Croce Basilica, famous for the quality of its luxury goods, and witness a gold and leatherwork demonstration.
  • Florence: Stop at the Florence American Cemetery and Memorial. Framed by wooded hills, view the memorial marked by symmetrical rows of 4, 392 headstones and towering pylon monument.
  • San Gimignano: Visit the medieval Manhattan of Italy as you explore the UNESCO-listed centre of San Gimignano and admire the city's distinctive towers.

Dive Into Culture
  • Rome: Be inspired by the magnificence of Michelangelo and da Vinci at the Vatican Museums and enjoy an exclusive visit up the spiral staircase designed by the famous architect Donato Bramante in a part of the Vatican not open to the public.

Trafalgar Difference
  • Assisi: Built to welcome pilgrims visiting Assisi, Hotel Cenacolo is a fully renovated old Franciscan monastery in nearby Santa Maria degli Angeli.

  • Venice: Learn about the history and ancient skill of Venetian glassblowing, playing your role in ensuring the survival of this traditional craft through your visit.

Trafalgar Tour Itinerary

Day 1Welcome to Rome
Ciao Roma! Explore this imperial city of emperors and senators, gods and goddesses, before joining your companions and Travel Director later for a Welcome Reception. Our introduction to the 'Eternal City' is an evening orientation drive to view some of the sights which await tomorrow.
Visits: Rome
Meals: Welcome Reception
Accommodation: Una, Cicerone
Day 2Discover Ancient Rome and the Vatican City Dive Into Culture
The Holy See takes centre stage today as we join a Local Specialist for an included sightseeing tour in the Vatican Museums. Dive Into Culture and admire the Bramante Staircase, created for Pope Julius II in the early 16th century, and Michelangelo’s magnificent frescoed ceiling in the Sistine Chapel. See the marble masterpiece of the Pietà, housed in St. Peter's Basilica before crossing the Tiber into Ancient Rome. Visit the famous Colosseum and see Circus Maximus, once the site of celebrated chariot races. This afternoon, enjoy free time to explore Rome. Indulge in an espresso in the Piazza Navona or clamber up the Spanish Steps.
Visits: Rome, Vatican, Rome
Meals: Breakfast
Accommodation: Una, Cicerone
Day 3Explore the Ruins of Pompeii and Sorrento
We journey south to the well-preserved ruins of Pompeii. Here we join a Local Specialist who will share details of the devastation caused by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius as we wander through the ancient paved roads of a city that was frozen in time. Later, we arrive at our hotel in the clifftop town of Sorrento where we’ll dine tonight.
Visits: Rome, Pompeii, Sorrento
Meals: Breakfast, Dinner
Accommodation: Johanna Park, Grand Parco del Sole
Day 4A Day on the Isle of Capri
We cross the Bay of Naples today by ferry to the glamorous Isle of Capri to visit some of its landmark sights. Wander past the chic boutiques and pavement cafés in Capri town in the company of a Local Specialist before taking your time to soak up the sophistication of this lovely island. Later, we return to the mainland.
Visits: Sorrento, Capri, Sorrento
Meals: Breakfast
Accommodation: Johanna Park, Grand Parco del Sole
Day 5Onwards to Assisi Stays With Stories
See the Benedictine Abbey of Cassino, which featured as the site of the Battle of Monte Cassino in 1944, before heading north to the slopes of Mount Subasio. We arrive in the mystical town of Assisi, the birthplace of St. Francis, under whose protection this medieval city is said to remain. We join our Local Specialist for a visit of Basilica of St. Francis, before some free time to explore this fascinating hilltop town. Tonight, we'll stay at one of Trafalgar’s Stays With Stories – a fully renovated old Franciscan monastery.
Visits: Sorrento, Assisi
Meals: Breakfast, Dinner
Accommodation: Cenacolo
Day 6Discover Verona and Venice
We journey through the glorious countryside of the Emilia Romagna region. This area is also renowned for its gastronomy and is credited with being the origin of tortellini, mortadella and parmesan cheese. Travel to Verona, the home of Shakespeare's star-crossed lovers, to admire the Roman arena and Juliet's Balcony. Arrive later in Venice, the 'Queen of the Adriatic', where we'll enjoy a Regional Dinner.
Visits: Assisi, Verona, Venice
Meals: Breakfast, Regional Dinner
Accommodation: Biasutti Lido
Day 7St. Mark's and More in Venice Make Travel Matter
Cruise your way through Venice by private launch to soak up the sights and sounds of what was once one of the world's greatest ports. Your MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experience with the master craftsmen of Venice follows. Watch as they share their centuries-old glassmaking traditions. Your visit helps to preserve this delicate craft for which Venice is justifiably famous and you’ll want to remember your visit by purchasing a souvenir or two to display at home. From there, continue past the Bridge of Sighs and the Doge's Palace to St. Mark's Square where we will view the impressive square and Basilica. Consider an Optional Experience to see the colourful fishermen's houses on the Island of Burano or search for a cosy bacaro and indulge in some tasty Venetian treats, starting with that refreshing Venetian Spritz which is the local drink of choice.
Visits: Venice
Meals: Breakfast
Accommodation: Biasutti Lido
Day 8On to Milan and Scenic Lake Maggiore
Today we cross the lush green plains of Lombardy to sophisticated Milan, Italy’s capital of design and fashion. An orientation tour takes us past the intricate Gothic Duomo, La Scala Opera House and the famous Galleria. Later arrive at Lake Maggiore where we'll enjoy dinner served tonight at our hotel.
Visits: Venice, Milan, Lake Maggiore
Meals: Breakfast, Dinner
Accommodation: Simplon
Day 9Stroll around Lake Como Connect with Locals
The glistening blue waters of Lake Como welcome us today. We’ll enjoy some free time to explore the lakeside lifestyle and beautiful scenery which has enchanted visitors for centuries. Spend this morning exploring Como's historical quarter, indulge in the area’s delicious gelato, take the funicular for spectacular views of the lake or consider a cruise on the lake. This evening we venture by private boat to a secluded island on Lake Maggiore where we’ll Connect With Locals over dinner at a Be My Guest experience. Join the Cinque family and hear all about the intriguing history of Villa Toscanini situated on a tiny romantic island which was the hideaway of the great Italian conductor Arturo Toscanini one of the most influential musicians of the 19th century.
Visits: Lake Maggiore, Como, Lake Maggiore
Meals: Breakfast, Be My Guest
Accommodation: Simplon
Day 10Admire Pisa and on to Florence
Tuscany lures us across the forested Apennine Mountains, past the marble quarries of Carrara to the famous city of Pisa and its Square of Miracles where we will enjoy an opportunity to view the Leaning Tower. Our next stop is Florence, the 'Cradle of the Renaissance'.
Visits: Lake Maggiore, Pisa, Florence
Meals: Breakfast
Accommodation: Grand Mediterraneo
Day 11Experience Art and Architecture in Florence
Delve into the extravagant history of the Medici family, whose legacy of art and architecture are explored in the company of a Local Specialist. We visit Piazza della Signoria with its exquisite statues and palazzi and enjoy spectacular panoramic views of the beautiful skyline of Florence, dominated by the elegant Duomo and the almost 700-year-old Ponte Vecchio, from Piazzale Michelangelo. Later, learn about the quality and workmanship of two of this city's historic industries at demonstrations of Florentine leathercraft and 18-carat gold.
Visits: Florence
Meals: Breakfast
Accommodation: Grand Mediterraneo
Day 12Treasures of San Gimignano and Return to Rome
This morning we stop at the Florence American Cemetery and Memorial. Continuing south, we visit the charming Tuscan hill-town of San Gimignano, where one finds extraordinary examples of medieval architecture and history. Venture to the centre of town to view its Piazza del Duomo, surrounded by medieval towers and the 13th-century city walls. This evening in Rome we enjoy a Farewell Dinner spent in the company of newfound friends and our Travel Director.
Visits: Florence, San Gimignano, Rome
Meals: Breakfast, Farewell Dinner
Accommodation: Shangri-La
Day 13Farewell Rome
Our discovery of the best of Italy has come to an end. Find out more about your free airport transfer at
Visits: Rome
Meals: Breakfast

Available Room Types: Single, Triple, Twin, Twinshare
Child: ages 5 to 17

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