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True Discoveries Never Start by Following the Crowds.

No two travelers are alike-so, why on earth should Avalon expect you to enjoy the same things? With more expertly-led discovery options than any other cruise line, Avalon makes it possible for you to explore each port according to what intrigues you most.

Avalon's inspired, 360-degree, engaging cruise experiences afford travelers the chance to immerse themselves into a destination and culture thanks to award-winning land programs and world-class guides. Their Naturalists (in the Galápagos and the Amazon), Cruise Directors (in Europe, Southeast Asia, China & Egypt) and special guest lecturers also offer them a vast onboard educational program, giving cruisers the chance to soak in the history and culture of a region as they drift from village to village or island to island.

 It's not easy to be an expert on everywhere. Thanks to Avalon's relationship with Globus – an award-winning tour company with more than 85 years of experience and 300 support staff on the ground in 65 countries around the world — Avalon's cruisers are privy to the best, all-inclusive land programs available. Avalon transforms tourists into travelers and storytellers and help them truly experience each destination with guided sightseeing in every port (complete with headsets), daily port lectures, VIP access into key destinations, no waiting in lines and great cultural immersion and storytelling thanks to highly skilled Cruise and Tour Directors.

Bikes & Biking Excursions

In the mood to explore like a local? Your Avalon ship has bicycles you can check out and use around many port towns for free. Plus, adding to their already robust roster of activities, they have partnered with bicycle tour specialists in Amsterdam, Bernkastel, Cochem, Durnstein, and Breisach for optional, guided excursions.
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Stroll Along Ancient Roads & Feel the Strange Become Familiar.

At Avalon, they never lose sight of the reason you're traveling - to see the people, places, and sights on shore. And because they're part of the Globus family of brands, they're backed by more than 85 years in the travel business…which means you'll experience the world in a way that no other river cruise operator can deliver!

Included Guided Sightseeing & Excursions

When it comes to showing you the world, Avalon selects the very best guides—professionals who are certified locally in each destination and selected by the Globus family of brands. These Certified Local Guides are recognized for their expertise, enthusiasm, and knowledge of the area. They will lead you on engaging, included sightseeing tours, delivering genuine, behind-the-scenes destination experiences. You'll even benefit from the use of personal headsets for sightseeing, which gives you the freedom to roam through some of Europe's most famous attractions without missing a moment of fascinating commentary.


Avalon offers a great selection of optional shore excursions to help you further personalize your cruise. Whether it's a classical music concert in Vienna, a visit to a French winery, time at the colossal Romanian Parliament building in Bucharest, or a guided bicycle tour through town, with MyAvalon, selecting and paying for your optional shore excursions before your cruise is a cinch!

Sightseeing at Just the Right Pace

Sightseeing should never be a one-size-fits-all proposition. Travelers like to see the sights in different ways, so Avalon has developed three sightseeing pace options to choose from:

Leisurely Sightseeing
A Certified Local Guide shows you the destination's highlights in a relaxed and unhurried way.

Traditional Sightseeing
Led by a Certified Local Guide, you'll explore a wide range of sights at a moderate pace.

Independent Sightseeing
This allows you to explore on your own...see just what you want and at your own pace.

Alternative Excursions

If you'd like to experience something slightly off the beaten path, in many European ports Avalon offers unique alternative, off-the-beaten-path excursions, like a Sayn Manor House visit in Koblenz, Jewish Heritage Walk in Cologne and more!

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