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Extraordinary Experiences...Included

Included. A word that you don't tend to associate with cruising. But that was before you discovered Avalon. A river cruise with Avalon means the end to a lot of extra costs and unexpected fees. With every Avalon cruise, you'll be pleasantly surprised by just how much is included.

From enriching excursions led by Certified Local Guides, to VIP access into the must-see sites. From sparkling wine with breakfast and specialty coffees throughout the day, to regional beers and wines with dinner. From luxuriously spacious staterooms boasting floor-to-ceiling windows to free Wi-Fi.

With Avalon, your cruise can be as unique as you are, because they give you the freedom to personalize it...with Avalon Choice®. From a great selection of menu and dining options to a range of sightseeing paces, optional excursions, and even bed configuration, the choice is yours!

Expertly guided destination excursions? Included. VIP access to the key sights? Included. Regional beers and wines with dinner? Included. Spacious staterooms, floor-to-ceiling windows, free Wi-fi - all included. From ship to shore, everything that makes a vacation with Avalon so remarkable comes with your up-front price. So feel free to explore, enjoy and indulge. Because the trip of a lifetime is waiting. And they’re ready to include you.

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